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We offer 105 equipped road bikes, Gravel Bikes, and hybrids for our RAGBRAI Rental Bikes.

We have 105-equipped Synapse road bikes from Cannondale for our Road RAGBRAI Rental bikes, as well as the Giant Revolt for a gravel bikes and Cannondale Quick for our hybrid RAGBRAI Rental bikes.

We offer two different rates for ourRAGBRAI Rentals.  If you are looking for a bike to rent for the week of RAGBRAI we will have it at our charter in the start town and you can drop it off at the end of the week at our charter in the end town.  If you ride with our RAGBRAI charter we offer a lower rate due to less logistical work on our end.  Sign up for our charter today.


RAGBRAI Rental Rates

Bike Type

Delivered to start town and picked up at end town

Riding on our charter

Road Bike

Cannondale 105 Alloy

$600 $500
Gravel Bike

Giant Revolt

$600 $500

Cannondale Quick 5

$400 $350