First Time Iowa's Ride Participant

Are you a first time IOWA'S RIDE rider?  Every year we are asked many questions about how to register and the logistics of riding IOWA'S RIDE.  Below is most of the information and links you need to know to register and ride IOWA'S RIDE . 

Things you will need to ride IOWA'S RIDE :

  • IOWA'S RIDE Credentials
  • Transportation to the start town
  • A way to move your gear each day
  • A place to stay each night
  • Transportation home at the end of IOWA'S RIDE 

IOWA'S RIDE strongly recommends all first time riders use a charter service.  Charters take the guess work out of IOWA'S RIDE and make sure your basic needs are met during the week.  A charter, such as Bikes To you, will accompany you, explain everything, and make sure you have an enjoyable, hassle-free experience.

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IOWA'S RIDE Credentials

Every rider must have credentials from IOWA'S RIDE.  Sign up for the credential is open now.  


Getting to the Start Town

People get to IOWA'S RIDE in a variety of different ways.  Some people join a charter service at a central location.  The charter provider then buses their customers to the start town. Many charters offer airport pickups in addition to the busing service.   Lastly, some people drive themselves to the start town.  

Bikes to You offers two origination points.  One is centrally located in Grinnell, IA, and we have a parking lot provided to leave your vehicle free of charge. The second is at the Mississippi River, the Saturday before IOWA'S RIDE .  You will need to arrange to park with the end town.  End towns do charge to park your car in their designated IOWA'S RIDE parking area.

Flying to Iowa

If you are flying, many charters offer airport pickups at pre-selected airports and predetermined times.  We do a pickup at the Des Moines airport regularly the Friday before IOWA'S RIDE .  We strongly advise flying on Friday before in case there are delays.  We pick people up at the airport and bring them to Grinnell where you can stay at one of our fine bed and breakfasts or hotels. We depart the following morning on charter buses for the start town.  Click here to see a full list of housing options in Grinnell.

Shipping Bikes

You may ship your bike directly to us or to IOWA'S RIDE.  If you ship your bike to us we ask that your bike is delivered by the Monday before IOWA'S RIDE, so we can inspect it.  Bikes are not commonly damaged or lost in shipping, but, it happens occasionally.  We want enough time to take care of the problem if there is one.  We inspect the bikes on arrival at our store and leave them in the box for transportation to the start town.  If they need work we assemble them in our shop and take care of any issues.  


If you wish to ship your bike direct to IOWA'S RIDE, IOWA'S RIDE instructions are available at

Renting A bike

It may not be economical to ship or bring your bike with you.  We have a rental bicycle fleet. 

 Click here to see our full line of rental bikes. 

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Moving Your Luggage and Sleeping Arrangements

There are a variety of ways to move your luggage each day during IOWA'S RIDE.

A charter will move your gear and have a campsite ready for you when you arrive in the next town.  Charters Provide you with a basic level of service and help you understand all the ins and outs of IOWA'S RIDE.

During the week the Bikes to You Charter posts signs on the route to our campsite.  We provide sports drinks and water in our campsite.  If you wish to have additional items you may request them to be picked up during our daily grocery store run for an additional fee.  We have our own portable toilets in our campsite and have showers for our charter members only.

Tent Service

Bikes To You offers a tent service. We will set up one of our Marmot Limestone 4 person tents for you each day.  We also provide a sleeping pad and chair with each tent.  In the morning, you pack your bags and leave the tent up. Our staff takes care of packing the tent for you.  Tent service is a great option for people who are flying in or don’t want to set up a tent every day.  Many of our customers say the best part is that their tent is dry when they get to camp.

Beds and Air Conditioning

Beds and air conditioning are at a premium on IOWA'S RIDE .  The ride stays in many small towns in Iowa; some of which have populations of 2,000 people or less.  These towns do not have enough hotel space for the 10,000 plus IOWA'S RIDE riders.  Finding hotels or home stays can be very difficult.

We offer a bunkhouse to give people a bed and air conditioning every night.  We have a semi tractor-trailer equipped with individual cabins.  You stay in our campsite, but avoid tenting.  This is a fun way to experience "IOWA'S RIDE In Style."  

Non-Charter Options

You may ride with a team, use the IOWA'S RIDE baggage truck, or ride self-contained.

Riding with a team:

Teams are typically groups of people who have some previous relationship with each other. Teams also come with some expectations for what you will do to help with the logistics of the group.  This may be driving a vehicle or helping set up camp.  Every team is different.  Some want to party all night, some want to go to bed early, others want to eat like kings. If you go with a team you will want to find out before the ride what the expectations are and the normal daily activities of the team.

IOWA'S RIDE baggage truck:

IOWA'S RIDE does offer their own baggage service which is included in your credential purchase.  You are allowed one 50 pound bag.  Bikes To You has gained several charter members on the first day of IOWA'S RIDE due to baggage limitations on the IOWA'S RIDE baggage truck.  We let you bring as many bags as you want, so long as each bag weighs less than 30 pounds each.  This is a great option if you want to ride IOWA'S RIDE for as low a price as possible.  The IOWA'S RIDE baggage truck is unloaded at the main campground and you will probably have to haul your bags a long distance to set up your tent. There are no guaranteed services outside of moving your bags from town to town with this option.  

Riding self-contained:

If you want to haul all of your own gear on your bike you may.  This is the hardest way to ride IOWA'S RIDE however, some people love it. 

Getting home from the end town

There are a few common ways to get home at the end of the ride.

If you rode with a charter they will have buses waiting to take you back to their points of origin. For our charter, we go back to Grinnell.  If you flew into the Des Moines Airport we then take you back to Des Moines after we get to Grinnell.  We suggest flying out the following day in case there are delays.

Some people use a charter that originates at the end town and park in the end town.  You may ride your bike to your vehicle, then pick up your gear at the charter's loading point, and drive home.  

You may also make other arrangements such as getting picked up by a friend or ride your bike home if you are riding self-contained.

It is strongly advised that if this is your first time riding RAGBRAI you consider riding with a charter.  Charters make the logistics of RAGBRAI much easier and take care of the questions so you may focus on riding your bicycle, having fun, and making new friends!


Eventbrite - Bikes To You Campground Charter for Iowa's Ride July 11-18 2020

Eventbrite - Iowa's Ride Bicycle Rental Setup and Delivered to Start Town Sign up Now!


If you have any further questions please check out our FAQ page

We are happy to answer any further questions or help you navigate the RAGBRAI process.

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