About Us

About Us

Bikes To You is a full service, professional bike shop located in Grinnell, Iowa.

Grinnell is fast becoming the premier destination for cycling in the state of Iowa. Whether you need a kickoff point for your IOWA’S RIDE experience, or just want to see the scenic agricultural setting of the rural Midwest, our focus is you.https://www.sefiles.net/merchant/4292/images/site/map.jpg

Customer satisfaction means we’re here to help you choose the right bicycle for your needs, to find that perfect gift for a friend from our clothing selection or to provide logistics for the largest, longest, and best bike ride in the nation, IOWA’S RIDE.

When Bikes to You opened in 1992, there were so few bicycles and so little product that we painted tire tracks in different colors on a white wall to make it look like the showroom was full. We started with a small but loyal following of customers who really wanted to see a bicycle shop succeed in Grinnell.

Two years later, Bikes to You was named an official RAGBRAI Bicycle Shop which enabled us to repair bikes and sell product along the route, ultimately setting us up to grow steadily for the next 24 years.

Today, we’re still focused on customer service, quality products, and enhancing every customer’s cycling experience. Whether you need a commuter bike to save money on gas or a IOWA’S RIDE rig, you’re sure to find a helpful smile and the perfect bike here, at Bikes to You.